Pregnancy Symptoms and Early Signs

Different women have different pregnancy symptoms. The most common symptom though, is a missed period. It important to know and understand the various signs and symptoms of pregnancy because there may be an underlying condition to each symptom other than pregnancy. Some women do not develop symptoms within the first weeks of pregnancy. Some my not even develop symptoms at all. While for other women, symptoms deve

How Medication Affect The Result of BBT Readings

People who are charting their Basal Body Temperature to determine when ovulation will occur but who suddenly experience a certain condition which require them to take medications are worried that it might affect the result of their BBT readings. According to doctors, there have been no medical findings suggesting that medications such as those mentioned previously have no effect on a woman’s BBT reading. In

Clomid Effects On Your Basal Body Temperature

Women who are trying to get pregnant have reported that clomid affects their basal body temperature and thus, misinterpretation of temperatures on their BBT charts can happen. What is Clomid? Clomiphene, Serophene is an oral medication that induces ovulation. It works by making your pituitary gland think you ovaries are not doing their job. The pituitary gland will try to stimulate the ovarian response by increasi

Variations On Basal Body Temperature Chart

Basal Body Temperature is used to find out when ovulation will occur. For most women, it is basically standard – low means 97.0 F range. High means 98.0 range, with a .4 rise the day after ovulation and a 14 day luteal phase. The luteal phase means the time from ovulation to menstruation or the start of the next cycle. However, for some women there are some variations on their temperature charts. But there ar

Can Basal Body Temperature Diagnose a Thyroid Condition?

There have been articles which say that Basal Body Temperature (target range being 97.8 to 98.2 ) is much more accurate than blood tests. A woman doctor has used her Basal Body temperature (BBT) as a guide to determine if she has met her optimum thyroid medication level. She took her temperature under her arm first thing upon waking for 3 days in a row and writes it down. Her basal temperature for the 3 days range

Getting Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control Pill

Most women use birth control pills as their main method of contraception. However, should they decide to get pregnant, they have to discontinue taking the pill. The question now is: how long should a woman wait before trying to conceive after quitting the birth control pill? It is commonly believed that a woman should wait between two to three menstrual cycles before getting pregnant. Meanwhile, it is also believed

Pros and Cons of Basal Body Temperature

Basal Body temperature can also be used as a natural family planning method by telling when is the ‘safe period’ or the appropriate time when couple can have intercourse without the risk of getting pregnant. This safe period begins the 3rd day after the temperature increase and continues until the next menstruation. Listed below are both the good and bad sides of the method. PROS It can be used in for i

Charting Your Basel Body Temperature

Basal body temperature can be a means to help women plan their pregnancy. It is a method wherein a woman takes her body temperature the first thing she wakes up and charts it form day to day. The temperature readings should be accurate enough to a tenth of a degree in order to get the more accurate measurements. The reason for this is because the changes in basal body temperature may provide information to help det

The Importance of Cervical Mucus in Getting Pregnant

Aside from checking a woman’s basal body temperature, there are also other ways to determine her state of fertility. One of which is through the cervical mucus, which is one of the many types of vaginal discharge. The cervical mucus blocks the woman’s external os after a menstrual period. This infertile mucus blocks sperm cells from entering the uterus. However, this discharge becomes thinner and less a

Common Myths About Getting Pregnant

If a woman tries to get pregnant, chances are she’d get advice from almost everyone and everywhere:  her mother, her mother-in-law, her friends, her husband, her husband’s female friends, the media, and so on and so forth.  However, one has to sort out which are fact and which are just plain myths.  Here are some information on common myths about getting pregnant. You can get birth right