Ways to Get Pregnant Fast

For many couples, avoiding pregnancy is very difficult and simply talking about it makes the woman pregnant. For others, however, conceiving can be very elusive and exasperating. Here is what you should know in case you are wondering how to conceive a child.

Eat healthy foods

There a lot of factors responsible for pregnancy, but many doctors believe that a healthy diet is key. In a Harvard School of Public Health study involving around 17,000 women, the researchers were able to identify "fertility foods" that can odds of pregnancy.

So which dietary tenets are able to increase fertility? Doctors suggest that you eat more monounsaturated fats and less trans fats, moderate intake of high-fat dairy products, and increase consumption of vegetable protein, while reducing animal protein.

Experts also suggest that you eat more low-glycemic, high fiber foods, while reducing the consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates. Moreover, eating five servings of fruits and vegetables everyday will guarantee that you are getting necessary vitamins to improve pregnancy rates.

Take supplements

In addition to having a healthy diet, you need to your folic acid and prenatal vitamin supplements to improve conception rates. You also need to take these supplements, as well as supplements that has vitex (like FertilAid) to improve fertility in order to prevent birth defects in the developing embryo.

Be at your optimal weight

Make sure that you are at your optimal weight if you plan to get pregnant. Being underweight or overweight can weaken your body and reduce fertility odds. Also, not being in good shape can have negative effects on your pregnancy. Fluctuations in weight +/- 20% your target range can also disrupt your estrogen levels. So you need to maintain a healthy body weight to maximize fertility success rates.

Stop smoking and drinking

If you are wondering why pregnancy is elusive, then stop smoking. According to studies, smoking 10 or more cigarettes daily may affect your egg production. You also need to stop consuming alcohol as it lowers your estrogen levels.

Additionally, if you finally get pregnant, drinking alcohol increases the risk of fetal malformations and miscarriage. Moderate your caffeine intake. Drinking three cups of coffee or more reduces your chances of getting pregnant.


If you want to conceive a child, then you need to relax. High stress levels may interfere with normal ovulation. So if you are feeling stressed, try alternative relaxation techniques like yoga and acupuncture. Stress management programs also help.

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