Want to Make a Baby Girl or Boy?

Danny and April are a happily married couple who are now ready to follow their beautiful three-year-old daughter with another baby. And they want it to be a boy. Although they think a girl would be great, they’re praying that their next child would be a boy. Of course, Danny and April know for a fact that there’s a 50-50 chance of conceiving a boy.

Is there a way to conceive a baby of the gender of your choice? There’s one method that’s reputed to help determine the sex of the baby – the Shettles Method. Read on to know more about this conception method and learn some tips to have the child of the gender of your choice.

What is the Shettles Method?

The Shettles Method was developed in the 1960s by Landrum Shettles and was publicized in 1971 in the book, How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby. It’s a child conception method that claims to help determine a baby’s sex. This theory holds that the reproductive environment can be influenced to favor one sex or the other.

According to the Shettles Method, you can influence the reproductive environment to increase the chance of having a baby of the gender you prefer by timing sexual intercourse. You can also alter this environment by choosing a sexual position that increases the likelihood of conceiving a baby of the gender you prefer.

You don’t need to have the Einstein’s brain to successfully use this gender selection method. The Shettles Method suggests the following:

How to conceive a boy

Time your sexual intercourse close to ovulation as much as possible. Since the sperm carrying Y chromosome swims faster than the one carrying X chromosome, more Y-chromosome sperm will reach the egg, increasing the likelihood of a Y-chromosome sperm fertilizing the egg. The best time is just at the time or before ovulation. Avoid intercourse for 4-5 days before ovulation.

Go for deep penetration. The method recommends a rear-entry position, which allows the sperm to be deposited close to the cervix where the fluid is most conducive to the “boy sperm”. The sperm carrying Y chromosome is also more likely to survive in the cervix area since there’s less distance to travel. Finally, women should have an orgasm before or simultaneously as her partner since the secretion of alkaline in the vagina during female orgasm favors the “boy sperm.”

How to conceive a girl

If you want to have a baby girl, time your sexual intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation. Avoid having sex a day before or 2 days after ovulation. Only the sperm carrying X chromosome will be left in the female reproductive tract if you have sex a few days prior to ovulation.

Don’t go for deep penetration. The “missionary position” is recommended, instead. It increases the chances of having a baby girl as it prevents the sperm to be deposited closer to the cervix. This is definitely an advantage to the slower but longer living “girl sperm.” Women should also avoid orgasm to make the vaginal environment less alkaline and more acidic. This kind of environment knocks out the “boy sperm” and benefits the “girl sperm.”

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