Fetal Development: The Second Month

The second month of pregnancy is also very crucial to your baby’s development. In a matter of four weeks, your baby will undergo a number of developmental changes. Let us look at how your baby will be progressing in the second month of its life.


In the second month of your baby’s life, he/she will develop from a blastocyst into an embryo. By the 5th week of pregnancy, your baby will be around .05 inches long. The primitive circulatory system – Heart, brain, spinal cord, muscle and bones are still continuing to develop.

Faster heart beat

In his/her second month of life – around the 7th week, your baby’s heart will start to beat – slowly at first then it will beat very rapidly. The heart, along with the lungs continues to develop. Later on, at a more advance stage of pregnancy, your baby’s heart rate will slow down. By the end of this month heart activity is always present on ultrasound.

Which way is up

At this point in your pregnancy, it is quite hard to tell which way is up. As this month goes on, it will be easier to tell which end is the head and which end is the bottom.

Upper and lower limb buds

Around the 6th week of pregnancy, the upper and lower limb buds of your baby start to develop. Your baby has grown a bit during this stage. He/she now measures anywhere between .08-.16 inches. By the 7th week, the upper and lower limb buds start to look like short fins.

The hands and feet now have a digital plate where the fingers and toes will develop. Your baby also goes through a bit of a growth spurt during this week – he/she will measure anywhere between .44 – .52 inches.

By the 8th week, your baby’s arms have grown longer and bend at the elbows. The places where the fingers and toes will grow are becoming notched. Your baby now measures between .56 – .08 inches.

Lungs, liver, pancreas, stomach and other body parts.

The beginnings of a primitive liver, lungs, pancreas and stomach will also begin to develop. So do your baby’s eyes and nostrils. By the 8th week of pregnancy, your baby’s eyelids fold and the ears start to form. The tip of the nose is also visible now.

Baby’s gender

Though your baby already has a sex, it is not yet apparent without genetic screening.

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