Getting Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control Pill

Most women use birth control pills as their main method of contraception. However, should they decide to get pregnant, they have to discontinue taking the pill. The question now is: how long should a woman wait before trying to conceive after quitting the birth control pill?

It is commonly believed that a woman should wait between two to three menstrual cycles before getting pregnant. Meanwhile, it is also believed that if she gets pregnant right after taking off the pill that there is a greater chance of miscarriage. However, such myths were not confirmed.

In fact, ovulation may start between two to six weeks after quitting the birth control pill. It is because unlike other modes of contraception, the effects of oral contraceptives can be reversed quickly after discontinued use. It is even possible that she would get pregnant before having her first period, but she may have a slightly difficult time determining when she ovulated. This would make pinpointing her due date hard to tell.

However, there are certain cases when a woman would get pregnant about a year after quitting the pill even though she experiences ovulation. It is best to consult a doctor or midwife when thinking of getting pregnant, as they can help in planning on how to be as healthy as possible while preparing for conceiving.

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