Charting Your Basel Body Temperature

Basal body temperature can be a means to help women plan their pregnancy. It is a method wherein a woman takes her body temperature the first thing she wakes up and charts it form day to day. The temperature readings should be accurate enough to a tenth of a degree in order to get the more accurate measurements. The reason for this is because the changes in basal body temperature may provide information to help determine a woman’s ovulation time.

The basal body temperature method can be an effective means of determining a woman’s ovulation in that the body undergoes some temperature changes during that time. The changes happen during the process of the egg being implanted into the uterine lining.

In the first part of the woman’s cycle, the waking temperature becomes low due to the effect of the estrogen hormone. After ovulating, the body temperature rises to a new level and will remain that way for about 12 to 16 days. The temperature will then change once more when the woman starts to bleed during menstruation.

The woman’s basal body temperature can also be a means to determine if she is pregnant or not. When a woman conceives, the fertilized egg from the fallopian tube starts to travel its way into the uterus where it will ultimately settles. This can take about a week. This is usually the time that the woman’s body may be able to detect the conception. It is only during this time that the body begins releasing hCG or human chronic gonadotropin or the pregnancy hormone. The hCG is first detected in the blood and later on, in the woman’s urine.

With the release of the hormone hCG, women usually experience a change in their basal body temperature. The changes in the temperature may not be as dramatic as the previous temperature shifts, but they can be monitored from about a week to twelve days after the first rise of temperatures.

In taking one’s basal body temperature, it is important to use a thermometer that provides the smallest degree changes. There are special BBT thermometers available in order to do this.

For a more accurate measurement of the basal body temperature, it is important for women to take their oral temperatures the very first thing when waking up. It is also important to take the temperature at the same time every day. Eating, drinking or smoking should be avoided before taking the temperature.

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