Common Myths About Getting Pregnant

If a woman tries to get pregnant, chances are she’d get advice from almost everyone and everywhere:  her mother, her mother-in-law, her friends, her husband, her husband’s female friends, the media, and so on and so forth.  However, one has to sort out which are fact and which are just plain myths.  Here are some information on common myths about getting pregnant.

You can get birth right after stopping your birth control

It may be true if you are using condoms and other methods that only require the prevention of sperm from getting into a woman’s system. 

However, it’s a different thing when we are talking about birth-control pills and other methods that deal with hormonal changes, as these affect a woman’s hormone levels and natural menstrual cycles.  It can take quite a while for a woman to adjust after laying off the pills.

The more often a woman has sex, the higher the chances of getting pregnant

In reality, "when" a woman is having sex is more important than "how often" she has sex.  She should make sure to have intercourse when she is ovulating, so it is best to focus all the efforts during those few days when a woman is likely to have eggs in her system.

A woman can get pregnant if she has sex 14 days after menstrual period

A woman doesn’t necessarily ovulate on day 14 of her menstrual period.  It is best to check for physical signs within your body, such as basal body temperature, rather than counting on the days.

Using lubricants doesn’t affect the sperm

Most lubricants-and even saliva-can actually kill the husband’s precious sperm.  It is best to check out specialty stores and ask for lubricants that is safe to use when trying to conceive.

Some sexual positions increases a woman’s chances to conceive

A woman’s cervical mucus has this unique characteristic when ovulating:  it holds the sperm to make chances of conception greater.  This means that special positions are not necessarily needed, but it can bring excitement to sex.

Both parents need to have an orgasm to conceive

In a way, this is true.  It is helpful for the mom-to-be to have an orgasm because it helps the sperm move towards the eggs, but it isn’t necessary.

Avoid hot tubs and douching

High temperatures kill sperm, so avoid getting in places that have high temperature like hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms if wanting to get pregnant.  Meanwhile, douching should also be avoided outright because it affects the pH balance of a woman’s vagina.

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