Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate phase for a woman, especially when it comes to her health. One of the problems pregnant women encounter is that they experience back pains. This is because ligaments become softer and stretch to prepare for labor, thus putting strain on the lower back and pelvis. They can also feel backaches as the baby grows inside their belly, and as the hollow on their lower backs may increase.

Here are some steps to avoid such predicament.

Avoid lifting heavy objects – Doing so puts strain on your lower back, and it becomes worse during pregnancy. However, if you do have to carry something heavy, hold it close to your body.

Be aware of your posture – When picking or lifting something up from the floor, bend your knees and keep your back straight. You don’t wanna "squish" the baby.

Don’t twist your back – When turning around, move with your feet and make a wide turn. This is to avoid twisting you spine, and eventually hurt your back.

Wear flat shoes – These allow your weight to be distributed evenly.

Avoid stooping too much – When working, whether in the office or at home, make sure that the desk or surface is high enough so you don’t have to stoop most of the time.

Balance your weight – When carrying two loads on both hands, like two baskets, try to balance your body and not be pulled in by the weight of the heavier load, which would make you lean on one side.

Sit straight – When sitting, make sure that you back is straight and well-supported.

Sleep on a firm bed – This actually prevents your back from bending too much. If your mattress is too soft, place a piece of hard cardboard underneath the sheets.

Have a massage – Having someone massage your lower back actually relieves the pain.

Try wearing a support corset – This requires prescription from your doctor.

Get enough rest – Your back would feel more painful during the latter part of pregnancy as the baby inside you becomes bigger and heavier. Make sure you get enough rest by that time.

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