Charting Your BBT (Basel Body Temperature)

Since measuring a woman’s basal body temperature can be really tricky, one has to be able to know what to do in order to measure her BBT as accurate as possible. Measuring the temperature at either a few degrees higher or lower than the actual BBT would only cause a miscalculation on a woman’s ovulation period.

Here are some tips on what to do for an accurate BBT chart.

Start on the right track – Make sure that the first day of your BBT chart should be the first day of your menstrual flow. Do not include temperatures taken days before that. Once measured, expect that your temperature should drop when your menstrual flow starts, recording each reading everyday.

Indicate the dates correctly – You need to make sure you note the actual day of the month when you have taken the temperature. This is to correctly monitor your ovulation period. Make sure to use a dot instead of an X or check mark when recording your BBT, as well as using a downward-pointing arrow on days when you had sexual intercourse.

Use a more accurate thermometer – Instead of the regular thermometer, use an oral, digital thermometer that specializes in basal body temperature.

Take your temperature regularly – Your basal body temperature should be measured just after you wake up (without ever leaving the bed). Place the temperature under your tongue for two to three minutes.

Avoid error-causing activities – Never eat anything, drink anything, or smoke for about 12 hours before you take your temperature. (And when I say anything, this includes sperm!) You also need to note any special considerations such as an actual fever or any other illnesses.

Change charts regularly – Get a new BBT chart once you get your new menstrual cycle.

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