How to Take a Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy testing is really not that difficult. However, it carries a lot of importance, especially to the one who is taking the test. You want to be sure that the result would be accurate because there is a lot of difference between being pregnant or having a false alarm.

Here are some steps you should take in taking a pregnancy test and be more confident in your test results.

Purchase a pregnancy kit

You will need to select a pregnancy test and purchase it. Some women feel more comfortable with certain brands or types of tests.

However, most tests are fairly equal to one another despite its branding and cost. You may want to purchase several kits in order to confirm the first test result after a few days.

Read the instructions

Even though pregnancy tests are simple to use, be sure to read all of the instructions before taking the test yourself. Some instructions even have illustrations or written in a foreign language aside from English.

Not following the instructions completely would easily affect the results. Most test kits provide you with a number to call if you have further questions.

Open the test when you are ready

Have a clean space where you could lay the test’s components down. Be sure that you have everything that you need before you begin. Don’t forget to bring along a watch or timer, as it could help you answer many questions about your test reading.

Collect your urine

There is one rule in taking the test that you really shouldn’t following: how to put your urine in the test, especially if the instruction tells you to aim for the pregnancy test stick or a specimen cup.

Doing so could be messy. It is perfectly acceptable to collect your urine in a clean cup and simply dip the test stick in it or use the dropper included with your test.

However, when to collect your urine is crucial. Most tests request that you use the urine that you excreted the morning that you expect your menstruation period or the next day before taking the test.

Read the results

Most pregnancy test are designed with two windows: a control window that would tell you the test was working correctly and a testing window that would give you the results. You should always have a line in the control window.

Meanwhile, if the testing window contains a line (or two, or a plus sign, depending on the test’s instructions), then you are pregnant.

You should also make sure to follow the time instructions on reading the test, as most results become affected after a certain period of time.

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