How to Increase Your Chances of Having Twins

It is human nature to be fascinated by babies, more so if they come in pairs. In recent years, pregnancies that carry twins or other multiples have been on the rise. A lot of couples wonder how to increase their chances of having it.

Here are some suggestions that could increase the odds of having twins, or more.

Uncontrollable Factors:

Be a twin yourself – Twins have a higher rate of having twins themselves.

Have a family history of twins – If your mother’s family has had twins in its history, you are at an increased chance of having twins yourself.

Belonging to a certain ethnicity – African Americans have a higher rate of having twins than other ethnicities.

Controllable Factors:

Eat yams – Certain cultures have more twins than others, one of these is a tribe that eat a lot of yams. There is a theory suggesting that certain chemicals in yams help women have more twins.

Breastfeed when you get pregnant – If you are breastfeeding when you get pregnant, you are more likely to have twins, as recent studies suggest. It is said that nursing depletes calcium in your system and it affects your eggs during conception and ovulation.

Get older – The older you are when you get pregnant, the more likely you are to have twins. This is probably caused by an increase in ovulation of multiple eggs.

Take fertility drugs – There are several fertility experts who prescribe fertility medications like Clomid that increases the chances of having twins by inducing multiple eggs being released in ovulation. However, there are risks involved in taking fertility drugs and it should be reserved for women who are having trouble conceiving.

Try fertility treatments – Certain fertility treatments, such as In Vitro Fertilization, that go beyond fertility drugs are used only for couples that truly need it. Not only do they increase the risk of fraternal twins, but also identical twins.

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